Welcome to Chutes and Ladders Roofing. Serving the Bloomington Community and surrounding areas.

About us

Our glorius history

Year to year, conference to conference, roofing is an ongoing learning experience. And here at Chutes and Ladders Roofing we always stay on top of the knowledge. Some may view the occupation as a limited expertise, but the progression and techniques are quite endless. For this reason it is important to select a company who not only has knowledge passed through generations, but also has experience in your area.

After working on thousands of homes, business, schools, and churches in Bloomington IL and surrounding areas, we have learned the ins and outs of our techniques. We dive much deeper than fixing a problem or developing a roof, but instead apply current climate, temperature, and wind factors as well. It can be assured that your fix will last, as we consider all environmental factors when working. Allowing you to rest in ease with trust in your roofing crew.

Who we are

The leading provider for everything roofing in Bloomington IL, and surrounding areas.

What we do

Everything regarding roof repairs, custom roofs, inspections, replacements, you name it!

Our mission and vision

To formulate a community of solidified homes, and provide top-notch satisfaction.