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We focus on serving our Bloomington IL community through everything residential. Focusing attention towards home-owners, business owners, and any other accompanied buildings with a need for structural modifications

  • Subdivision Homes
  • Rural Area Homes
  • Small or Large Business'
  • Schools and Churches
  • Anything else..

Is there an already existing problem with your roof? Don't risk fixing it yourself or worry about our bothering our team with the work. We would be more than happy to help re-assure the safety of your home

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is our long-term performance synthetic rubber seal for commercial buildings. Our experience in EPDM has expanded over the years, and we now offer it to the Bloomington IL community.

Single-ply can be referred to as flexible sheets of compounded synthetic materials that allow for maximum strength, durability, and flexibility for the weather conditions of our area. Our team has practiced utilization of this material and can offer it at maximum efficiency

Hot tar roofing allows for an elegant and damage proof coat for flat roofs. Providing absolute re-assurance that your flat proof will drain correctly, and withold to your expectations. Through several certifications we now offer this service to Bloomington IL and surrounding areas as well

We understand the diversity of roofing problems in our community, and have instructed our team members on the safe practice of chimney removal. Trust a company that offers the largest diversity of roofing services in your community

Ridge vents are an element of roofing commonly left out by other organizations. We can isntall ridge vents at the peak of sloped roof allowing warm and humid air to escape the attic. This implementation can lower attic pressure as well as save on heating/AC costs.

Not all roofing problems are visible to the eye from the ground. Hire us to perform a cost friendly roofing inspection to ensure you that your homeowner safety is top-notch. Our inspection results are 100% honest, as we state the fixes that can wait, and those that can not.

We specialize in repairing what we can, and replacing what we can't

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